Gosh. Sometimes I really feel like I’m going to die alone.

Like now. I’m feeling that right now.

Anonymous asked:

Tell us about your crush

Well, he’s not my crush anymore. I let him go because I know nothing’s ever going to happen (sad, I know) but I think he would make a cool friend. But I’ll tell you about him anyway.

He’s in one of my classes and he seems really nice (I’ve been partnered up with him). He has great taste in athletic wear (Adidas - one of my faves). He has longish hair that he puts in a bun (which I think is super cute). He speaks another language fluently and he’s been places (like he’s lived in other countries). Overall, a super cool guy. Oo, and he has a super suave European sounding name. 

How do I know all this stuff? Let’s just say I have my ways…

(Ok, I lied. He might still be my crush.) 

I just called my Dad for a second opinion on my homework.

I’m in my second year in college.

It’s almost 1pm and I haven’t gotten out of bed yet.
But why am I even posting this? It’s not like this isn’t a normal occurrence.

I was going to warm up some food in the microwave and as soon as I pressed start the fire alarm in the dorm went off. Needless to say when I got back to my room I hesitated before pressing start again.