Does anyone have ‘period pants’ (pajama bottoms you only wear when you have your period) or is that just me?

Buffering during the content: ok

Commercials interrupting the content: ok

Buffering during the commercials that interrupt the content: not ok  

I just finished watching ‘Kahaani’, an Indian film, on Viki.

I’ve never encountered a more twisty, twist filled movie. Ever.

Research Methods I: Stats for Behavioral Science is already challenging and it’s only the second day.



The middle girl is supposed to be me.
The middle girl is supposed to be me.

I’m super bored right now. Not even my Korean dramas are keeping me entertained.

(This post took me longer to write than it should have because I forgot how to spell ‘bored’.😳😑)

I’m going to be taking this self-defense fitness course in school and according to the syllabus it sounds like we are basically learning Judo and some karate; which reminds me of the Korean drama ‘Heirs’ because, if I’m not mistaken, Kim Woo Bin’s character practiced Judo.

I really enjoyed Marriage, Not Dating. It was a super cute summer drama.

So light, so airy. 


Made it to school safely (thanks goes to God) but on arrival find out that there is a campus wide power outage. So I’m here, sitting in the vehicle, trying to charge my phone.
Smh. 😑